Your AQUA PRO franchise professional is a specially trained structural inspector. There are many areas of your home that are exposed to the elements, wind, water, ect and other environmental conditions. Additionally, age and type of construction add to the complexity of the needs of your residential structure.

Knowing what attention and repair your home needs, and when, are just some of the criteria for properly maintaining your residential structure.

Over time, certain structural elements of your home need inspection and repair

Leak Detection / Structural Inspection

Some of the Critical structural elements reviewed by Aqua Pro Include:

  • Roof and roof underlayment
  • Fascia and overhang structures
  • Siding condition and integrity
  • HVAC system and duct work
  • Insulation in attic / crawl space areas
  • Home energy usage

Using state of the art inspection technology, AQUA PRO's structural inspection report will notify the homeowner if any damage is found on these structural elements.

The benefits of structural inspection include:

  • Identification of problem areas before they get worse
  • Locates source of water leaks and their causes
  • Reduces potential mold growth
  • Identifies utility savings & tax rebates

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