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Our high quality AquaGuard window cleaning process cleans your windows with a unique wash / polish formula, leaving them exceedingly clean and protected from the elements. Our environmentally safe wash & polish formula leaves an invisible layer of protection on your windows that will repel dirt, dust, pollen, pollution etc. Our unique AquaGuard formula ensures that your windows will stay cleaner longer than standard window cleaning solutions. Most of our customer use our cleaning service regularly as a service plan. Your Aqua Pro franchise professional will find the correct service plan solution for your home!

Why Choose AquaGuard Window Cleaning Services?

In all US Regions, failure to clean your windows can lead to hard water spots which can permanently damage your glass and reduce light transmission.

Having your windows cleaned on an every 6 month basis will protect your glass from permanent hard water stains.

In the event your windows develop hard water stains, Aqua Pro also offers comprehensive glass restoration services for windows, including the removal of hard water spots, sprinkler over-spray discoloration, screen and caulk stains and salt deposit spots.

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